ePrivacy reached major milestone towards state-accredited seal

Current status of data protection seal of approval
We regularly report our path towards ePrivacycert state seal of approval. At the end of 2021, ePrivacy successfully passed the technical examination by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). Our new ePrivacycert website – www.eprivacycert.eu – went live. Last month, we further received positive feedback from the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Information Security (HmbBfDI).
This was a major milestone towards the state-accredited seal.
What is next?
The next step is to get formal approval from the European Data Protection Authority (EDSA). Our team prepared everything for this process. We expect to be able to conclude the formal process of auditing collaborativly with the DAkkS and the HmbBfDI shortly.  
What to prepare if you are interested in our accredited seal?

You have the opportunity to discuss the advantages of a state seal for your company with our auditors. There is also the possibility to receive a first offer at any time and to start with a pre-assessment if necessary.
You can also find more information on our new website ePrivacycert GmbH: www.eprivacycert.eu or get in touch with our experts directly.