How to use the common recruiting tools privacy compliant?

Many companies use recruiting tools in their employee selection process. However, these tools are often not used in compliance with data protection regulations. We briefly summarize what is important to consider when using recruiting tools.
Common recruiting tools are implemented on the company’s website to manage candidates.

What is important to consider? 

  • The user must be provided with a link to the privacy policy beforeentering his data:
    • The link to the privacy policy may either lead to a separate privacy policy for applicants OR
    • to the privacy policy of the website, which must then be supplemented with all information otherwise found in the separate privacy policy for applicants.
  • Identification of the use of a provider before the applicant can press a button and send his application (Example: A large button with powerded by name of the provider)
  • Check the provider’s security measures:
    • Data processing agreement
    • TOMs of the provider 
    • if applicable, appropriate securities have to be proven, should the provider transfer the data to a third country (typical securities would be the use of the EU standard clauses or the EU-US Privacy Shield)
  • Consideration in the overview of the processing activities:
    • the use of the subcontractor must be listed in the overview of the processing activities

We have summarized detailed instructions on the use of recruiting tools in a sample document. Would you like to make use of our sample? Please feel free to contact us at any time– we look forward to your message.