Data protection conference: Facebook Fanpage operation violates the data protection law

The data protection conference has again published a position paper (available only in German) that declares the operation of Fanpages illegal.

The Fanpage operators therefore share responsibility for Facebook pages. For this reason, special agreements have been concluded with Facebook.

According to the data protection authorities, however, this agreement is not sufficient due to the lack of information for users about data processing by Facebook and due to the limited rights of Fanpage operators to have a co-determination in the processing of Fanpage visitor data.

Such statements lead to uncertainty and to a renewed examination of the operation of Fanpages out of apprehension of fines. In order to reduce risk, it makes sense to inform Fanpage visitors about data processing as well as legal bases and rights in their own data protection notices.

Here you will find the agreement with Facebookand the associated data protection information for Fanpages.

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