Ripp-off with the GDPR

In the past, it was generally about the trade directories, now windy players are trying to exploit the “GDPR panic”.

Recently, a hasty fax message from the “Data Protection Information Centre” (in German: “Datenschutzauskunft-Zentrale”) went to several companies asking them to fill in and sign the attached forms and send back to the above-mentioned “Data Protection Information Centre” in order to comply with the legal obligation to implement the GDPR. The form deals with the registration of enterprises for basic data protection according to EU-GDPR. The small print shows the annual “basic data protection contribution” of EUR 498 plus VAT as well as the binding order of the service for three! years by the subsequent signature.

This is a clear case of a fraud attempt, since such an authority as the “Data Protection Information Centre” does not exist. Do not react to such attempts, in case of a doubt please contact us.