Easy GDPR implementation with the GDPR online audit

By 25 May 2018, all companies throughout Europe must have completed the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Surveys show that in many companies there is still a need for action to comply with the requirements of the new EU legislation.

To give you a means of keeping track of the status of implementation in your company, we have designed an online check list for you – the GDPR online audit: An online questionnaire will guide you through all areas where the GDPR requires you to make changes in your organization. It will capture the current state of your GDPR compliance and provide you with support with the implementation of outstanding requirements.

This gives you a simple method for obtaining an overview of what you have already achieved and what you still have to do before May 2018.

You can save your answers, edit them at any time and export them as a report. Upon request, ePrivacy’s technical and legal experts will assist you with the GDPR online audit and practical implementation of measures in your company.

Please find all information about the GDPR online audit in our brochure. Would you like to use the GDPR online audit? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The audit will be available from mid-September.