Keep your GDPR documentation up to date!

As a data protection officer or data protection coordinator in your company, you fulfil the obligation to regularly expand and deepen your

In the course of your duties it is therefore important to continuously check the existing GDPR documentation in your company and whether it meets the legal requirements. In this way, you are contributing to your “accountability” according to art. 5(2) GDPR, which also allows you to document compliance with the legal requirements in a comprehensible manner.

Take a proactive approach and define evaluation cycles as part of your data protection management system. In this way you can avert possible data protection risks at an early stage.

Also, if your products are subject to corresponding innovations and relevant technical implementations, please remember to include and update the associated processing in your GDPR documentation. The evidence of your processes and activities will also support you in complying with the principles of data protection in accordance with art. 5(1) GDPR, such as “data minimisation”, “accuracy” of data processing and “storage limitation”, and to provide and revise these if necessary.

The update refers to some of your materials on the data protection regulation: This starts with the records of processing activities, the deletion concept, your technical and organisational measures and data processing agreements up to your authorisation concept. Do not forget your obligations regarding information, which are reflected in your privacy policy and which must therefore also be checked for possible changes and updated if necessary.

Important points to keep your GDPR documentation up to date:

  • Define evaluation cycles
  • Integrate data protection as a milestone in all your projects
  • Stay up to date with new developments on a regular basis, for example by reading our newsletter.

Feel free to contact ePrivacy, we will help you to update your documents and develop your products in compliance with GDPR.