Digital Summit-2020 Data management and data escrow systems

As part of the German Government’s “Digital Summit 2020”, the “Fokusgruppe Datenschutz” (a focus group on data protection) under the leadership of the “Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit e.V. (GDD)” presented a working paper titled “Data management and data escrow systems” .

The motto of this year’s Digital Summit was to achieve more “sustainability through digitalisation” while at the same time protecting the individual from misguided developments in the technical innovations required for this. Of particular interest in this context is the question of how controlled access to personal data can be improved.

Data management and data escrow systems must be designed in a practical manner and in conformity with data protection regulations. A common understanding of the meaning and purpose of such models forms the basis of all research and development in this area.

With its working paper this year, the “Fokusgruppe Datenschutz” has made an important contribution to the correct implementation of the recommendations of the Data Ethics Commission from October 2019 and at the same time provides practical orientation and work assistance on a central topic of digitalisation.

Data management and data escrow systems are presented in the working paper and explained and concretised in a practice-oriented manner using existing and future scenarios. The working paper provides answers to the following questions, among others:

What are Personal Information Management Systems (so-called PIMS)? What concepts and business models are there? What are so-called data trustees and what requirements are put on them? And does the management of sensitive medical information or other information associated with increased risks, such as bank and credit card data, require a special suitability of the data trustee?

The “Fokusgruppe Datenschutz” concludes that the ongoing development of such systems must be further supported. The maintenance of transparency and the appropriate consideration of the interests of all stakeholders are essential, both today and in the context of a future European regulation of data management and data escrow systems.

As a member of the “Fokusgruppe Datenschutz”, Prof. Bauer from ePrivacy GmbH was also involved in the creation of the document.

We are happy to provide you with the complete working paper here: