free webinar: Legal limitations for Artificial Intelligence services in the EU – the current and future regulatory framework

The webinar will discuss the current state of the debate on the important legal issues related to the use of AI services in Europe:  

  • What precautions do businesses need to take when their employees use AI services to protect their trade secrets?
  • How can AI services be used in compliance with EU data protection laws? What about the ongoing proceedings of the Italian and German data protection authorities against ChatGPT?
  • How can creatives protect their copyright when their works are used by an AI service – and who holds the rights to texts and images created with the help of AI?
  • How can businesses protect their interests when their own vendors use AI services?
  • Is there a transparency requirement for AI content?
  • What other liability risks exist when using content created with AI?
  • What about the planned EU regulation of AI services?

date & time: 13 July 2023, 2.00-3.00 pm CEST (including time for your questions)

speaker: Dr Lukas Mezger, UNVERZAGT Rechtsanwälte

registration: Link for your registration – free of charge